When you call they will route you to your local crisis team. From there, when you are speaking to them and telling them what is going on, they will ask you screening questions along the way to see if you're safe or not. However, if you are in danger to yourself and going to harm yourself they will send help to your location.

Calling this lifeline is nothing to be afraid of. They are there to talk to you and help you out. You can call the lifeline when you are feeling low yourself, or you can even call for the sake of another person you're worried about. If you need help making a plan to get better, they will help you. 

You matter to so many people. If you are scared to speak up about how you are feeling, this is a great step to take. It's 100% confidential and they can help connect you to some great resources to help you get better. There is so much strength within asking for help.


• 988 can connect people in crisis to help at anytime, anywhere in the U.S.
• National back-up centers answer calls that local centers are unable to answer
• Lifeline centers are effective in reducing emotional distress and suicidality
• The Lifeline has received over 20 million calls from people in distress looking for support when they needed it most.
• The previous 1-800-273-8255 number will continue to function indefinitely.
• The Lifeline is comprised of a national network of over 200 local crisis centers, combining custom local care and resources with national standards and best practices.

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  • If you're thinking about suicide or need emotional support, please call or text 988