Help Spread Awareness Throughout the US

Stay Another Day was started to help remove the stigma around talking about mental health. For so many years, mental health has been a topic that was avoided in discussions (outside of a therapist office). This has slowly been improving but not fast enough. 

One of our biggest goals  is to “speed up” the awareness push. We can be spread our message so much faster with a larger team sharing.  Everyday a customers wears a SAD hoodie or tee, we hope to make them a walking, talking billboard in front of millions of eyes every day.  If you are interested in helping spread our message, please complete the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Spread Awareness

Help Stay Another Day Spread Awareness to Teens

Talking about “Mental Health” is the best way to end the Stigma.  We have a targeted effort to get our message in front of as many kids and young adults as possible.  The goal is to get them talking as well as educate them about The 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline. Mackenzie has presented to many schools.  Our surveys showed that more that close to 70% of students either didn't even know about 988, or they learned something new about the Lifeline!  We want to keep educating young adults, and help end the stigma around mental health. 

The quickest way for us to get the message out to the kids is by passing out shirts at schools.  After many requests, we have not set up an option for Stay Another Day supporters to purchase shirts for us to give away to kids.