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    Stay Another Day Ltd., is a Mental Health Awareness brand, mostly selling apparel.  It was started to help grow the number of people that are affected daily.  The open conversations about mental health are often avoided, despite the fact that record numbers of individuals grapple with these issues today.  Many suffer in silence because they are either afraid to ask, or don’t know how to get help.  Stay Another Day hopes to change that.

    This brand was inspired by founder Mackenzie's Mental Health Journey. Her passion is to see others not have to suffer in silence like she did, for far too long.  She hopes to accomplish this by spreading the Stay Another Day message

    A quick take on what Stay Another Day means to Mackenzie, “Stay Another Day is what I use to tell myself over and over, just taking it one day at a time. This message helped me so much when I was in the low, and I’m extremely grateful I am here today to be able to share my mental health journey with you. I hope the message can help you as well.”


    Whether we want to admit it or not, there is a bad stigma surrounding mental health. To some, it’s viewed as a weakness, while others don’t even believe it’s real.  A healthy mind is just as important as a healthy heart or healthy lungs. The biggest problem this stigma causes is that people are afraid to seek help.  We want to let everyone know that help is available.

    Buying and wearing Sad Apparel is a great way to spread the message, however we want to do so much more.  We’ve  identified a huge audience that Mackenzie is passionate about helping… kids.  Mackenzie has spoken at many schools from grade schools through college. Her presentation highlights her personal struggles with mental health, how she asked for help,  and how she is currently coping, and ways for students to seek help for themselves and others. 

    SAD has also passed out hundreds of t-shirts in schools to help jump start awareness.  We’ve only scratched the surface on the presentations and passing out the tees, so much more work to be done (and help is needed).

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    Would you like to show your team or organization that you take Mental Health seriously? So many people in the world are affected by mental health issues world wide and the pressure put on team athletes, many times magnifies the mental stress on an athlete. We have many customization package options available for teams and organizations. Please click the button below to get started.

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    Every piece of apparel Stay Another Day produces has a special meaning behind it. From the simple t-shirts to the embroidered hoodies and caps, by wearing these items, they will bring awareness and start conversations about mental health. This is how we end the stigma. Another very special piece that we try to include in all of our products (many times “hidden”) is the “988” number. This is a convenient reminder that the 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline is just a text or call away!

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    For so many years, mental health has been a topic that was avoided in discussions (outside of therapist appointments).  Awareness can be spread so much faster if we have larger team sharing. Our primary goal with Stay Another Day is to make every purchase from the SAD Product line, a walking, talking billboard that our customers are putting in front of millions of eyes everyday.  We need your help.

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Help SAD Spread Awareness to Young Adults

Talking about “Mental Health” is the best way to end the Stigma.  We have a targeted effort to get our message in front of as many kids and young adults as possible.  The goal is to get them talking as well as educate them about The 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline. Mackenzie has presented to many schools.  Our surveys showed that more that close to 70% of students either didn't even know about 988, or they learned something new about the Lifeline!  We want to keep educating young adults, and help end the stigma around mental health.

The quickest way for us to get the message out to the kids is by passing out shirts at schools.  After many requests, we have not set up an option for Stay Another Day supporters to purchase shirts for us to give away to kids.


Stay Another Day Podcast

The theme around Stay Another Day is obvious. Talking about “Mental Health” is the best way to end the Stigma. I have started a Podcast where I will have intriguing guests who will share their own journeys around the subject. Initially many of my guests will have ties to “college athletes”. This sector of the population is certainly dear to my heart, as I can personally relate to the extra pressures of performing at a higher athletic level (specifically the mental aspect). I hope by sharing my experiences, as well as hearing my guests’ stories, it may encourage EVERYONE to just “Stay Another Day” ;)

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  • Want your team to rep Stay Another Day? We have partnered with many teams for a "Mental Health Awareness" game! Get your S.A.D. warm-ups today!

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    While our mission and goals are huge, supporting Stay Another Day is also supporting a Small Business - Family owned and led by Females.


    Stay Another Day stands behind every product we sell.  All products have gone through extensive testing prior to release.  We listened, to make sure our apparel line exceeds customer expectations.

  • SUPPORTS 988

    A portion of every sale will be donated to the 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline.  In addition to giving to 988, we also allocate a portion of each sale to Giveaways to kids through schools.

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